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I received af skx bezel for skx007. Happily I set it on the case and used my cheap crystal press. Little silicone lube and pressure on the press and it popped in place.

Now it wouldn't turn even with with a significant amount of torque so I decided to remove it for a thinner gasket.

The bezel is on so tight it won't come off. There does not even seem to have a perceptible gap where I can push knife edge. It looks 1 piece.

Any ideas on how to get this off without destroying the case lugs?

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Try it in the freezer for a couple of hours, hopefully the steel retracts a little, just enough to get a really thin blade in there 馃憤

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Freezer did not work, hot water did not work, hair dryer did not work.

Finally had to dismantle the watch, crystal and all. From under the crystal side, I carefully hammered a thin blade. I was worried that the blade might break and get lodged between the bezel and case frame but luckily that did not happen.

Once the blade went in between the bezel was lifted just a tiny bit, but enough to push a flat
thead in between bezel and case from the outside.

The case came off mostly undamaged. It got a ding on the crystal frame (that gets hidden under the new bezel. It also got a bit serrated between the lugs, thankfully thats hidden by the curved endlinnks.


5he pics show virtually no clearance anywhere.

This is a real bad bezel and the fit is super tight to the point that the bezel doesn't rotate wirh significant torque applied even with a clutch plier.

Finally if you are thinking of buying this: SKX007-SRPD-MM300-Style-Bezel-Silver-Polished-Finish-316L-Stainless-Steel-/373374148371?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
From fleabay, my advice is ...DON'T!

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Sorry to hear of your non-turning issue, I have had aftermarket bezels for SKXs and SRP77Xs that did the same thing.

Seems silly but I got one to work by taking away the bezel click spring. That gave it the clearance it needed. Frankly it is a bit nice to be able to move bi-directionally like a 6309 or such.

Also I had an SKX171 that the bezel wouldn't budge turned out in the end it was rusted and corroded to the case. Yes, stainless can rust given the right conditions. After forcing it off the bezel was like a potato chip but the case was returned to action.

Great job getting it done. I like your innovation :)(y)
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