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Hi Everybody,

I picked up this Seiko Presmatic in a lot on ebay recently and I need some help trying to source a bezel and crystal. It's a nice watch and needs some work. I like the case which is all stainless steel and it seems to be fairly large for a dress watch approximately 38-39mm. The movement does run and will need a overhaul and the hex crown and stem are good. The watch dates around September of 1968 and the crystal number is 320T07AN. I was wondering does the original crystal come with a bezel?...wishful thinking on my part. Anybody with any knowledge of the crystal and bezel. Please drop me a line as it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Steve

P.S. John....Case back pic is for you to add to your collection.

Pic for you John!

Compared to the size of diver.
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