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Hi all, first time poster here so apologies if this has already been covered - i searched but wasnt able to find anything that answers my questions..

I have a friend who is Cerakote certified who will be doing my SKX007 in the new year, however as he has only ever applied the coating to guns and never a watch he had some questions for me which i wasnt able to answer;

- Tolerances - are there any issues any of you have come across with regards to small tolerances when Cerakoting a watch? So far the only potential areas i can see where this might be an issue would be the caseback thread, crown thread, and potentially the bezel.

Can anyone shed some light on this? or is it ok to cerakote all these parts without tolerance issues?

-CROWN STEM- - i was assuming that the crown stem was removable, given that it is somewhat "loose/movable" in the crown, however from what i have read the stem is not removable in the SKX models as it is swaged in or something. Correct?

the reason for asking is it would make the preparation that little bit easier if i could just remove the stem rather than have to mask it up/protect it from the blasting process etc.

Please, anyone that has experience in Cerakoting a watch that could answer these questions or offer any other advice it would be GREATLY appreciated. This is my very first mod, and i know im jumping in the deep end so to speak, but thats half the fun right?

thanks in advance!
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