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Help! Need some battery info

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I have a Seiko Spourtura World Timer H023-00C0 That is showing me the battey sign. Shes almost dead. Anyone know what battery I need to buy?
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Here's a link to the manual for the Seiko H023.

On page 25 the battery is listed as a SR1130W battery.

Here's a link to a cross reference chart which lists equivalent batteries
8) CBR MIKE!!! Your the man!!
Hi Kenny, I have the same watch and using it on my travels in the UK. Very handy watch great to wear and super easy to read, that is the the analogue part. The digital readout is not that easy to read. I have a similar citizen model watch is really easy to read digitally . But I much prefer the Seiko with its quality appearance both on the the bracelet and the black strap of which I have both. Cheers for now Tony
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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