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Just a quick intro,

Thanks for having me. I'm not a collector and own just two watches, a Bulova that was given to me by my wife on our 10th anniversary and a Seiko Sports 100 that was my Father's.

The Seiko is what brings me to this site. I've had it since 1987 sans band :(

From what I've gathered, I'm pretty sure it's from 1978. The model is 7546-6093 and the serial # is 835212.

I desperately want to find a band and 2 local jewelers have directed me to the internet but I'm totally out of my element and have no idea what to look for other than making uneducated guesses based in goggle images & "That looks like it may fit". It is an inverted style where the band fits around the "lugs"(?) as opposed to connecting on the inside of a 2 pronged lug.

Please forgive me for jumping in and blurting that all out. I've found the huge PDF list of the model catalogs and hopefully that will provide some insight in determining the correct band model number. However, I wouldn't turn down some friendly assistance....what watch band do I need or how can I determine what is the correct model?

Thank you
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