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Cobrajet25 said:
The 6309 divers are quite popular among collectors. While the earlier, large-cased models (6309-7049, 6309-7040) tend to draw the most attention and higher prices, the later slim-cased versions (like yours) are popular, too. That model was produced from around 1982-1988, and yours dates to December, 1984 according to the serial number.

Value is hard to determine, but that model in that condition does not come around too often. I would say it is worth a good $150-$200, perhaps more to the right guy. Welcome aboard! ---Aaron
I agree with Aaron, but have to add that in this kind of condition (especially for that original bezel insert), with the ownership history known, and with a very uncommon german daywheel, I would put it's price closer to $250 and probably pushing $300 to the right collector. The watch itself is not uncommon, but the condition and combination of variables you have in it are, which is why I would price it that much higher than market fro the regular variants of this model.
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