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Hello from a newbie

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Hello everyone. I do not collect watches nor do I claim to know much about them. I received this watch from my uncle when I was a little kid around 1980 something. He bought it in Germany while he was stationed there while in the Army. Obviously I was too little to wear it as a kid so it sat in my dresser for 20 years. I wore it maybe 2 times when I was in my 20's but it has basically been unworn for it's existence. The day dial reads in english and german. it is in near perfect shape other then light surface scratches mainly on the band. It has never seen water and like I said it's been in a dresser drawer for 95% of it's life. The crystal is perfect. and starts right up with a slight shake of the wrist. Could someone tell me how much this watch might be worth?


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I was watching the pictures and thinking before reading the responses and agree with with Gabe (Isthmus): while this model is not rare at all, the all original state of the watch and the great condition in which it is gives that diver a plus on the sale value. And I thought that $300 would be a good price for that all original diver in such great condition.

I think it would be sold fast for that price (I'm throwing stones at my own roof...).
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