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A so so case only went for not much less the other day... 7C43 seem to be either vgc and priced accordingly or salvage jobs... not too many come up in average working condition. It just pays to ask a bunch of questions of the seller and get as many photos as possible I guess.
I was surprised at that as i felt certain I would win it for a TST :(

ps: Rule 15

15. do not link to live auctions (auctions that are not closed yet) on eBay or any other auction sites. The only exception being links to auctions or sales offering watches that are fakes or “frankened” (composed of incorrect parts) and being advertised as original. This exception only allows links to be posted for discussion purposes. However, members are encouraged to link the auction images instead of linking the auction itself;
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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