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Nice , If only could do that ..........

Mahuta , I know what you mean.

Can't get anything done with a brand new camera.
I bought it , it sits in the box, Granddaughter says
PaPa, whats up and picks it up,she gets the thing to work.
I just sit and watch, she is a Photo wiz, does
everything and tells me just do this. She leaves
and I stay hanging till the next visit.
Can't get it to start much more a ......" Tune Up ".
Must be .......Old Age, or ..... " Non Camera-holic ".

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Photography is painting with light, understand that and composition and any camera can do the job.
Mike so we are talking about ...........
Exposer's Time, Light effects , Distances, etc. ? What about through the lens's when looking into it and color contrast's
that are in or on the objects, is it very affective ? And clarity, does different lens's or these filters she calls them have to be used ?
I am just using what I have read so I'm using the term's I found. She took me to a shop bought a bunch of add on's for the Three lens's
I have she said I need to buy them, those Filters. But she cost me some B$ucks also, but she is good and goes to some class's in school that I payed for.
So hangs around a women friend I have here that has a picture studio, I guess that's where she gets all the insights from.

This is the camera I have now that she use's : Remember now she is just ( 12 ) years old
Bottom One :
Nikon D800 DSLR / Plus Three other Lens's
1- long one / 1- Middle size one and another
with some kind of Four sided extended covers
( But me, I don't know bean's about it. )
Top One :
I play around with this little guy, called a Nikon Coolpix that's hard enough also.


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I cut my teeth on film too. That makes you think before taking a picture because everyone counts. The same principles apply with digital but you can bang away and experiment without breaking the bank.

I have all the DSLR kit but these days do most of my photography on my phone, it has more features and sophistication than any of my film cameras ever had. When I use the DSLR it is invariably set to an auto mode and I use my judgement to over ride it if I think the results could be better.

The biggest pain with watch photography is controlling reflections caused by domed crystals, I have tried polarising filters but with limited success. I also prefer to capture the perfect picture (no such thing) in camera rather than using photoshop.
Ok reading you loud and clear Sir. I'll remember all this
Thank you very much.
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