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Years ago a couple of members (Russell was one of them) got together and decided they wanted a 6105 movement that could also be a hand wind so PeteK in Australia and Randall Benson were commissioned with the task both being top not Seiko watchmakers, I believe a lot of time, expense and expertise was involved and in total five were made, I know where two possible three of them are including mine and I wondered if anyone knew of the others.

This is a standard 6105 movement modified so that in position

1) It hand winds the movement
2) Sets the date.
3) Hacks the movement.

Note the automatic side of the movement still works, basically the movement is how Seiko should have done it in the first place :)

Has a side note it wears superb on the bracelet I have it on.

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I owned one of Randall Benson's HOT 6105-8000s for a brief time in 2000-2001, possibly even 2003 i don't remember exactly, it had a modified movement that hacked (edit; and would hand-wind), sapphire crystal, a trip-lock style screw down crown and tube and a bead blasted case. I did not buy it from Randall but as a resale. I may have pics of it on an old hard drive or on a portable hard drive idk, I only owned the watch for a short time, I was a very fickle back then and flipped stuff that I now wish I had not flipped :) If wishes were fishes and all that. I will say that because of that watch I bought some crowns and tubes from my watchmaker at the time who had a parts account with RSC, I am happy to say I still have those and a case threading tap for the tube. Yes that is the price I paid back then for a genuine crown and tube. Randall used AM crowns and tubes with the fake logos removed.
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