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Happy Birthday to me!.......

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Well i hit the half century a few days ago....:(..... but the world didn't end :eek:ccasion14:

And i got this present from the wife :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

I've been lusting after either this or the MM300 for a while now but the Seikos are just not coming down into my price range....... this came brand new for less than half what a used MM300 would cost and i think it's a bargain....

I read a post somewhere where one of these was described as a SKX007 on steriods and it's not a bad description, the case shape is very similar. Build quality seems rock solid and the bezel action is lovely. I also like the straight end links on the bracelet which gives me a wide choice if i decide to change it.

Time for pics....

and a caseback shot for those so inclined :)

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I just never thought you was that old Andy !!! happy birthday and a nice present, the wifes not a detective for nothing is she :)
Happy Birthday and congratulations on your Orient! My 300m Orient's get much more wrist time than my mm300...
Happy 50th :happybirthday3: Andy and congrats :clap::clap: that's a cracking watch , I was very close to buying one a couple of weeks back but snagged a bullhead instead :)
:birthday: , Sir
Andy and welcome to the next half of life on earth.
Glad you got here and many more into the future Sir.
Thats a very nice Gift and it looks great. now the
next Fifty or more can be doing more watchs.
Congrats on your Birthday.

My BIG 5...0h is in February. I'm hoping to get the whole 1965 set by then.:25:
Happy Birthday!! What a great looking watch!! Congrats!!
Thanks guys and especially Tiger for the kind words!

Finding it a bit difficult to accept that a five is now the first digit of my age.

Sent from my toilet using crapatalk........
Happy Birthday Dude:93:

There's quite a lot of us hovering around the 50 mark. 50 is the new I told myself a couple of years ago:biggrin: Lifes mental though, you still feel 17.

Very nice Orient btw.
And many happy returns of the day!

BTW, after a couple hundred divers, in my experience the 300m Sat Orient is THE most bang for the buck.. hands down.. PERIOD!

Nice score!
HBD Andy :singing::happybirthday3: Many, Many More...:cool:
Many Happy Returns and Congratulations on hitting the big 5-0 Andy

You'll get used to being 5-something very quickly and soon learn that it's a damn fine age for a man.
( maybe's I'm biased at 56 tho ....)

Stunning pictures of a stunning watch Sir !
What a present... I'd marry that girl if I was you. She's definitely a keeper.
Who cares if your already married...marry her again :)

Thanks for sharing your Joy

Kind Regards

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The sleeper of all pro dive sleepers, IMO. Highly underrated. Much better than a whole lot others around, and with a much higher price brackett.

Congratulations for such present! The highest I ever came close to having the wife gifting me a nice dive watch all on her own was a cool BFK pepsi on OEM bracelet, brand new in box, for father's day (which is not bad, by the way, but not even close to your gift, hehehe...). You must be doing something right to the wifey to deserve such present! :)

BTW, Happy Birthday, man! Enjoy the watch in the best of health, too!
I praised the new design by Orient, hands in particular and love the graphic of the white version, smaller dial with a thicker bezel.

No one knows what you really want for your birthday more than you do.
Many happy returns of the day. Great looking watch, wear it in very good health. Speaking for myself I'm happier at 56 than I was at 36. You'll probably come through it just fine.
I turn 60 in less than six months. I can honestly say that without a doubt the decade of my 50's was by far the most incredible decade of my life, and I assure you the previous five were pretty great.

Looks like YOUR 50's are off to a great start…enjoy!
Happy Birthday fella! Geez thats one nice Orient! Well done Wifey!:)
Have a truly marvellous Birthday and LOVE that Orient:rock:!
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