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H601 Predator help

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Hello All,

In my neck of the woods here in the states my cable company has been showing the movie Predator quite a bit lately - it's almost impossible to flip through the channels without seeing part of the movie. This last go around I was watching a scene towards the end of the movie right before Arnie faces off against the Predator. I'm no good at capturing and posting screen shots but it's the night scene where he's preparing some explosives (M203 rounds?). He's completely covered in mud and so is the watch. The mud allows us to see the texture of the watch band and it's not a flat style band - more like a tropical band with cross-hatching. Anyone else ever notice this and can anyone identify what style band is on the watch? Forgive me if this is common knowlege.


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99% sure that he wore it on the original flat vent rubber - happy to be proven wrong though. I thought it was an H558 as well?? They look similar, but the LCD position is different.
Hi All,
Looks flat vented to me and also a H558.
Please see my FB page for H558 dedication.
And this photo of Arnie in Predator wearing the H558.
Hope this helps
Anyone else ever notice this and can anyone identify what style band is on the watch?
Sorry for dragging up an old thread, but I would like to know the answer to this as well. I just sat down for a nice relaxing viewing of Predator only to hit pause near the end for a WTF moment as some "other" watch came in to view. After a quick google search I came across this thread, which did not help me at all, sorry.

I have added two pics from the movie, with viewing time visible. First one shows Arnie / Arnie combo with what looks like a broken crystal, second shows the "mystery watch" (definitely only one Arnie in that scene).

Most likely someone stuffed up when filming that scene, but would be nice if that was confirmed.



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