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H601 5480 Crown

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Would someone be in a position and able to show me a picture the crown and stem on its own - removed, for the above watch please. I'm trying to match a crown I have here but I can only find pictures of the crown fitted to the watch when I search the web

thanks in advance for your assistance
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The end has a small gear that I believe changes moves the minute hand.
60E13N or 60E15N
OK, so that's a 4205 diver's crown - which has a double seal ( an extra one inside the crown).
It may well work, but I don't think it's designed to be used with the plastic tube insert ?. I've had a look through some of the watches with the same plastic tube part number and a 6mm crown. The STM005 crown looks like a possibility and is available 1E60D0SNW1- and there are others.
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no sorry i meant the end of the crown...silly me...thank you again for the great pics
7s26b..what would you recommend...mine does have that plastic tube insert...
i want it to be as original as possible....would hate to lose a sale someday if i ever sell it...
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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