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Great Seiko Timeline Article now on WatchTime

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Great article about the milestone watches of Seiko through the years.

Sometimes WatchTime will recycle old articles so maybe this isn't the first run, I really don't know.

Glad to see the underappreciated Astron Quartz get its due.
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Thanks for the link. I have not seen it before but I do not read WatchTime unless I see a Seiko link.

The patina on the 62MAS pictured is nice but the band on it is terrible and needs to be changed.
Very interesting, thanks for posting the link. I think I only became aware of Seiko as a brand, in the very early 1970's, bought my first one then, a Seiko 5 automatic like this one. Lent it to my son a few years ago and is currently 'lost' somewhere in his bedroom (he has found the box though)
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