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Got a little package today :0)

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Many thanks to Steve (estebanlorenzo) who kindly answered my plea for a replacement bracelet for the first Seiko I ever bought (7019-5000 in 1973), it arrived today, well packed, and he only asked for the cost of the p&p. :eek:hmy:
Already fitted and the watch is restored to it's former original appearance, again many thanks to a great bloke. :cool:

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Wow Great gesture estebanlorenzo !!!

Looks like it did the day you un-boxed it.

Congrats and enjoy in good health.
Nice. The one I gave to my brother is on a black leather strap with dark blue details to match the dial but I really like that bracelet.
Very nice of Steve indeed!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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