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Good places to buy a 6309 (or ones to stay away from?)

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I'm doing my research before buying a 6309. Are there any sellers (ebay or otherwise) to especially favour? Any to stay away from? Other hints? I'm already obsessing over
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On the whole i would be careful about quite a few of the Philippine sellers :'( , not all but.............. ;)
I see you have read the "how to buy a 6309 diver" which is a good start.

I would only buy an original one in reasonable to good condition, no aftermarket parts, costs a few dollars more but at the end you win.

Take your time, plenty of them around although nice and original ones are getting scarce...
I've just bought one from a Philippine eBay seller. Looked nice from the outside, but it rattled a bit. On removing the back, the rotor bearing was completely shot, and the balance was very sluggish - swinging less than 180 degrees. The regulator was seized, too. With a thorough service and a rotor plate from a scrap movement, it's OK now. Thing is, it was sold as having been serviced.
From now on, I'll stick to buying from the forums.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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