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Golden Tuna parts needed!!!

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I took my 7549 7009 to a reputable jeweler for a battery change ,when I went to pick it up I was informed it had an electrical problem and was dead.It was working when it went in???Anyway I need some parts to bring it back alive.I have had it since 1982 and its a friend I don't want to lose.Its been a few years since I picked it up and have decided to tackle it now.When I started to pull it apart I noticed the Teflon gasket for the crystal is missing.I will need a breakdown to see what else is missing or incorrect.I had always changed the battery myself and should have done it myself that last time too.
I would like to purchase a set of new gaskets and some silicone watch grease for it as well as the electrical parts needed including a new battery.I will have to test the coil ,circuit board and the module to see what is bad and what is not or I could replace the assembly.From what I was told by the brain that worked on it last there are no parts left on earth for this model.I would rather use new parts but am willing to put in used.Any help locating electrical parts and a gasket set would be great. Thanks,Bob ,the Suwannee River Pirate
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I believe some parts from 7546 & 7548 movements are interchangeable with the 7549. Same thing with the 6309 for mechanical parts. I've also read of a replacement with a 7c46 movement but the stem needs to be extended.
Here is the parts reference:,P21_CASE_NO,P21_ITEM_CODE:7549,7009,S60583J1
I've brought back to life a couple of faulty 7549s.

The electrical problem will be either a broken coil or circuit board.
Get yourself a 7546 dress watch from e bay. All of the electrical components are a direct swap. The only different thing is the white printing on the green circuit board. You can un clip your micro chip cover that says 7549 and swop that too.
The only snag here is that 7546 prices are on the rise because people are hoarding them for spares like yourself.
Tuna gaskets.

I'm sure the only gasket you will need will be a new Teflon crystal gasket.
The crown gasket is a huge donut that fits on the crown tube with a circlip and washer. I bet it will only need lubing with silicon grease.
The crystal gasket is so deep inside the watch I've never seen one deteriate.
I'm sure a modern Sbbn tuna Teflon gasket will do for the crystal
Good luck with the restoration.
I bet when they were in there they bumped your coil with their screwdriver or the battery strap...
As already mentioned, 7546 prices are on the rise due to parts compatibility, but there was another post recently about cheap quartz movements in which I listed all compatible models from Seiko and sub brands I could remember. When I need one I don't search the movt number, I look for vaguely described quartz dress watches and check dials and casebacks in pics for the numbers. You should be able to get one within a few days for under $20 shipped.
Just about bet he hit the coil with a screwdriver changing the battery. That's why you take jewelry to jewelers and watches to watchmakers. Yours isn't the first story of damage caused.
As stated earlier, the 7546 coil is a replacement for the coil found in the 7549 movement.
Thanks for all the assistance and replies.I always replaced the battery myself my self till that time.My health is going south and I trusted the wrong guy.I just noticed that there are two missing screws at the edge of the circuit panel.I am going to research some pics of the backside of a 7549 movement capsule to see if they are indeed missing. I hope they are not used on this model as I am already peeved about the teflon ring crystal gasket and it seems there was another battery shield missing if I am not confusing it with my Citizen dive watch.This jeweler might very well need tuned up himself.
I am going to research some pics of the backside of a 7549 movement capsule to see if they are indeed missing.
Here's some great trouble-shooting info on the 7549:
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