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Gold Citizen Leopard 36000

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Now with blingy original (?) bracelet! see below :)

I got this Ebay cheapie from Spain, the day is a bit sluggish but the rest of the watch seems to work fine.

Nice clean movement.

Front looks great too! Some scratches but not enough to bother me.

Hopefully I'll get my stainless project Leopard together again someday :)
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I have to say, I'm not a huge fan of gold watches - but that's really nice!. And the movement is a joy to look at.
Looks cool :) reminds me of Seiko KS in the same shape.... :eek:k:
It even get's better, looking at an article from Sweephand:

In a few catalog pictures he shows my Leopard is seen on the bottom left:

And I think I've got that bracelet! It's filthy but it fits perfectly, I tried. The protruding metal parts on the bracelet lugs even matches the wear on the case of my Citizen!

I'll clean it later this week :)
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Very nice looking Citizen. Congratulations and enjoy it.

Nice score! I've never heard the tick of a 38K bpm, I imagine its very special, indeed.

Show us the finished piece.


Ed B.
I will, but I think the gold plated bracelet makes it too "blingy". I'll try it anyway and keep the bracelet with the watch from now on :)
Nice catch Dutch :) I didn't used to care for gold watches, but it does suit some of these vintage models very well. The gold bracelet may be a bit too much, but definitely worth trying.

The tick of 36k per hour....

Here you are Ed - you may have to crank up the volume to hear it well,

Here you are Ed - you may have to crank up the volume to hear it well,


That was great! Thanks for thinking of me and providing the link.

Ed B.
You're welcome Ed :)

wow great find..i normally do not like the gold watches...but that one is a keeper...cant wait to see it all done...
I've cleaned the band in the ultrasonic cleaner. (black water, yuck) And it fits perfectly, but I think it's a bit too blingy, even for me :) The metal "fingers" at the lugs prove the band is perfect for these kind of cases. ( I think)

I think I'll go with leather :)
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Amazing how dirty those mesh bands get. I have found the only way to get them close to clean is a few good turns in the ultrasonic.

The band looks good but is probably a bit too gold for most tastes today. A black leather will make it easier to fit with most styles today.

At least you now have the original band to keep with it if you ever want to put it back to original.
now that is a proper watch...i am not a gold fan at all...but i really like that watch...great addition with that band too....
Came out real Nice

Same here because they are to small for me, but that
one is nice and it looks great. it got back its original
character it looks like.
Any way you enjoy it and it is back in action again.
At least you gave it another chance.:72:
I like it with either straps, but I actually think the original is really cool!:)
i keep looking at this like i really like the gold...who knew
These are nice watches. Unusual shape, but I think are a reasonable size, and are comfortable to wear.
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