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Hi all,

As far as I know, the SCEB015 brown Bullhead is only available at Tic Tac stores. Please can someone help me track down this watch?

The Tic Tac site confuses me. I'd just like to send a simple email to them to see which of their stores have it in stock (if at all).

Seems to be sold out? Any leads would be appreciated.


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There's a contact form on the website here
Translation - Please fill in the necessary information.
※ It is essential matters.
Your name ※ First Name: Last Name:
E-mail address ※
E-mail address (confirmation) ※
Contact type ※
About the product
About Service
About membership card
Content of inquiry ※
Input to the requirements Once you have finished, please click the submit button below.

Here's the webpage with the new Giugiaro chrono's - for those who are interested.

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Good luck on your search for a brown bullhead. These were sold out within a few days of launch at most stores so do not expect to find one new.

I picked up a black version at the TicTak store at Narita airport store a few years ago.

While you will likely not get the bullhead I am sure you will have lots of fun and there is always lots of great watch shopping to be had while in Japan.
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