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To make a long story somewhat shorter, lets simply say that at one point I quit my job, sold (almost) eveything I owned,
and moved to a different country.
Things went well, all problems were dealt with in some way or another, and life was good. I rode more than 20.000 km
every year on my BMW motorcycle, ate food with a quality above average, and drank wines well above.
Did I say life was good?

Then, after a decade of bliss, my previous life catches up with me and I am compelled to return to the workforce.
In my old country, no less. Several thousand kilometers from home. Oh my, oh my.

What to do? Well -- when riding my bike and harvesting olives (for the very dry martinis I have become famous), I don't
need a watch. The church-bell strikes every half hour, and that's good enough. After all, lunch and dinner are the
only important points in life worth paying attention to. And the village church keeps me roughly informed.

But at work, my boss surely wants me to attend meetings and things. I grab my watch. A Seiko 7A38-702A.
I bought it in Beriut in 1985; the serial number starts with 46.
ummmm. Having spent a decade in a drawer, the buttons are stuck and the battery dead. No go.

I grab my other watch, a Timex I use for camping. The combination of large digits (I am far sighted), proper light for
viewing in the dark, and alarm, makes it ideal for outdoor activities. My wife says politely "Not to be rude, but it does not go
well with your suit".
Even I can see that. No go.

What I need is a Meistersinger! I like simple things; made as simple as possible, but not simpler. Beautiful in its simplicity.
ummmmm. Did you say thousand euro?
No go.

I go to work the first day without a watch. Needless to say, I feel naked. Do you know the feeling that someone will
open the door and say "I have something to say -- we have an imposter among us!"? Yes, I can see that most of my (new)
colleagues glance at their Samsung phones to find out if it is lunchtime, but I can't make myself do that. I'm supposed to
be this hot-shot, but I can't even bring myself to tell you that "I don't know what time it is, because I can't bring myself
to glance at my mobile phone".
I am born in another era.

Living far away from home and family, the evenings can either be spend drinking, having sex with new friends and riding
a motorcycle, or searching the Internet for a sustainable solution to my watch-issue. The answer is obvious.

I regretted the Seiko (shown above) a few minutes after I had bought it. Quartz? In the evenings I read while I listen to,
and watch, Eroll Garner's "Concert by the sea" play on my Systemdek IIX turtable. Quartz? My work is all digital.
I want the private sphere to be analog, please.

Analog does not mean manual, however. Just as I have an automatic gearbox in the car, I want my watches to
be automatic. "A lifetime later" is to exaggerate, but it took me a few evenings to settle on a design that I like,
combined with technology to my liking, with a price that would go under the radar in the family at large.

Then, after having understood how eBay work, I bought a Seiko Sportmatic 30J type 15031DE with the 603 caliber.
It was made in January 1963. The month I was born.

As you can see, slight discolouring of the dial at the center and at the six position. But in "real life" the dial is stunning
and radiates light in all angles. I had a proper strap fitted, and wear it daily

It looses about half a minute a day. I wich I only wasted half a minute per day! However, condense forms on the inside
when it rains, so I need to have it serviced. I hope there is a gasket that needs to be replaced. There is no inscription
on the inside of the case-back so maybe it has never been serviced?

I love it. I feel like a grown-up again. I stride into meetings with confidence.

One day, during a meeting more boring than average,just as my thoughts drift to home and my wife and I start to feel sorry for
myself not being home, I suddenly realise that the serial number-scheme used by Seiko which enables watches to be dated, that
can be used to make by wife happy.

After "some time" on eBay I hold in my hands a Seiko 5 model 7009-876A. Serial number starting with 40. Needless to say,
we met in October 1984. As I came to her house as a law enforcement agent -- but that is a story for a another day.

Next time I come home, I wear the watch and tell her why I wear it. That it reminds me of her, that I wear it all the time (a tiny,
tine white lie), that I love her, and all that.
Trust me on this: A Seiko can improve your sex-life! You just need the right model!

I don't tell her that the nine-marker is (very!!!) badly glued on, the lume really needs some attention, and that it gains about
two minutes per day. The glued-on marker is a tell sign, and for all I know the watch is a Franken Watch. However, as I
feverishly undress in a way I haven't done in quite a few years, who cares about a nine-marker?

My brother turns 50 in September (this year, that is 2016). During meetings I spend a fair amount of time looking at serial
numbers. To no avail. Well, not true. I find a Grand Seiko made in September 1966. I can be mine for a mere two thousand
euro. Instead I call my (and his) mother. She says that he was conceived in December 1965. Even though such details can be
calculated, it is uncomfortable to hear your 81 year old mother says "I remember well...".
OK, no details, please. I get the idea.

Not long after; i hold in my hands a Seiko Crown 21J 57-8050-TAD.
The eBay seller tells me it runs fine. And it does, for a few days--just long enough for me to give the seller full pay-out in the review.
Then it stops.

Oh well - off to my local watch-maker. He says (in Italian) "This is not a happy watch", and tells me it will be done in mid September.
Then it will be a happy watch. He promises.
In Italian.

The first Italian (person) I ever met was severely late for a meeting. This was two decades ago. As we all looked on him with
astonishment, he waved his hands and said "the time, the time" in order to tell us that "Time is a fluid that fills the space that
happens to be available". Two decades later I still don't buy into it.

It is a manual watch, and I don't like it. Not only is December 1965 a date unknown to my brother -- I would think that he'
feels the same as me ragarding our mother's sexlife. But it is a manual watch. In 1968 we (as in Humans) placed people on the
moon, and you say I have to manually wind a watch? No!

So while my watchmaker is, well, watching my other watch, I find another on eBay. This one is model 6619-9070 and is made
September 1966. It has that classic look that I like, it is automatic, and made in September 1966. When my brother was born.
I can focus on him being born rather than my parents sexlife.
So far, the watch runs just fine losing about 30 seconds a day.

Or, in other words: Thank you for providing me with lots and lots of information. I have used to the best of my abilities, and
these are the watches I have bought based on what I have found here.

Thank you for your attention.


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Welcome and nice story tagesk. Sounds like a good life when you quit your job. I have that feeling everyday at the moment. Love the 6619, have you had the 7a28 fixed yet?

Oh and I'm glad you didn't go into details about your mum's sex life! :)

I liked the line "I wish I only wasted half a minute per day!"


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Welcome to the forum tagesk you made me laugh.
Loving the Seikomatic, the crown and 6619 all from a great period of waterproof Seiko world!
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