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GL831 Straps -vs- Z-22 Straps

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Well I have done all the research possible and the verdict is in. GL831 straps are buttery soft and Z-22's are the replacements. Seems this has been talked about extensively in the past. I have 2 GL831's... One is perfect and the other could get up and walk away its so nasty. If someone were selling a box of 12 NOS Gl831's I would buy em. They are so nice on the wrist. Anyone else agree? Anyone else know anything about them?
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I can tell you this much, having owned many of both. GL-831's as far as I can tell, are softer, a bit shinier, more flexible and generally more comfortable. They are also somewhat shorter than Z-22's and are more prone to drying out and cracking.
I hope the one nice one I have lasts for a year or so! Till then i'm on the hunt for more. :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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