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I saw this watch on this webpage and always coveted it, thinking I may pick one up if I ever saw one for sale:

Saw one for sale. Negotiated. Bought. Came from seller with the bezel able to turn, sent back to get it fixed under warranty and all is well. I have it on a Hirsch Pure rubber strap with a deployant which I think matches the overall look of the watch. Original strap is gone. Came with original buckle which gets down to a feminine 14mm on a 20mm alligator strap. Has a Ferrari stallion on the buckle.

Watch is 38mm. I have a 6.5 inch wrist. I am also of the opinion that there is going to be a trend back to more moderately sized watches. Could be wrong.

Kind of my office watch. Fights with my Grand Seiko for weekday wrist time. The movement is a modified(questionable how much) ETA 2829. Winds very smoothly. Watch is in pretty great condition for a 15 year old watch.
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