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I have been lucky enough since my WIS illness began to be the recipient of a few watches once customers have found out I'm a hopeless case .

I've put them here as most of them are non-Japanese.

The first were these two:

Then this one (not strictly speaking a gift but a swap for 2 packs of bin bags)

Was DOA but revived by Polly. Unfortunately I just didn't give it the wrist time and it's dead again.

Then a batch of four

And the jewel in the crown/rose amongst thorns etc:

This has since been restored to wearable condition by Polly.

And finally today this one:

Already vastly improved by replacing the OMSB with a soft leather strap. Obviously a new crystal will be needed at some point in the future.

Of course these don't include gifts from friends here and WS, of which there have also been a few.:)

EDIT: Just noticed that the hands aren't aligned properly. At 7 o'clock they were at the quarter past position. :(
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