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Getting the right stem and crown 6139-6002

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So the crown fell off the stem, and then I have a problem getting the stem to engage correctly
So I think I want to start from the beginning and do it right.
When I bought the watch I posted here and it was pointed out that the crown is wrong. So I want to get the proper crown.
So I start wondering if I have the correct stem
Mine has the gear to rotate the bezel, so I start to check the auction site for a 6139 stem
What is coming up is a generic stem "that may need to be sized"
Is this correct?
The other thing is that the stems seem to be threaded to the crown, and my current stem is not threaded all the way to the crown, and the gear is not threaded, but slips on and fits a square section that holds it.
Do I have the wrong stem? Are the stems listed as 6139 not for -6002?
Here is a picture of the stem listed on the auction site, and a picture of my stem

On mine, there are threads for the crown (which I have been told is incorrect and something I need to change) but then there is a straight part until the square section which holds the gear in place.

Where do I get the correct stem, crown, gear to make my watch happy?
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What about the protrusion at the end of the threaded part of the stem, doesn't that have to be removed in order for the crown to screw down. It would be in the way otherwise.
Could be. I know that I have had trouble in the past because that protrusion had to be removed but the stem always still seemed too long without being cut down further. I posted for anyone to show a picture of the complete stem assembly with the crown, cog and spring in place just for comparison.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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