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Getting some ideas...... input needed

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Tomorrow is my 23rd. wedding anniversary and the Wife bought this for me......... (I cant have it till tomorrow tho ??? )

Anyway......... I will definitely be taking off the stock rubber strap as I dont care for it at all and will put something better on it. I am pretty sure at this point that I will be putting it on a Black Zulu but would also like ideas/suggestions from you guys as to what else might look good on it! (Stainless maybe but not high on the list)
It has to be solid color as I dont care for contrast stitching.
Take into mind this is only a "desk diver" watch for me so it wont be getting wet anytime soon.
I was wondering if you thought a Brown or Tan leather strap might look good! I think the watch is too "sporty" for a Croc or Gator but I dunno!
What do you think?
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One of those mesh bracelets for sale on the TF would be sweet.

BTW, congrats on your 23rd...
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