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Gaskets and hands?

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Seeing (in my opinion) case back and crown gaskets are expensive for Seiko divers, 6105, 6309, 7002, 7C43 in particular, does anyone know where to get good quality cheap generic ones, if there is such a combination. I'm aware, most are interchangeable, especially case back ones. Unfortunately Cat (yes, the earth moving equipment) don't have the gaskets I use in the sets I have.
Next on my agenda are hands for a 7C43 Professional, are there after market hands about for them, Dagaz sets don't fit.
Any suggestions appreciated.


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I have been getting gaskets and 'O' rings from Cousins, they have a large selection of generic sizes and profiles plus OEM too. mountapo_merchant has provided caseback gaskets for 6309 etc divers pretty cheap, not !00% correct fit but they do the job for desk diving.

Sometimes its best to bite the bullet and pay the odds for the correct gasket and make sure it fits and does its job, especially for crowns and pushers.

The 7C43 hands have different size holes compared to Seiko mechanical watches, I do not know where to source them from, if they were mechanical movement size I would paint some 6309/SKX ones.

David, try Komatsu Diesel and Isuz car gaskets. Some of the STIHL
saw kits have similar ones also. Another is Ingersol Ran air compressor's,
and DynaPac has similar ones to. (Yeh, I check up on a lot of these things too), well they save money. All you need is a Trusty Varnier Caliper and you can do some research. Try these also Some Marine motors, Like Mercury outboards, Johnsons Motors, Lots of these guys have sources from the same places and they are trusted manufactures. Mentioning CAT, CAT Diesel , was not a stupid move, these big manufacturing people do have similar things we can use also.
That includes a lot of actual water proofing products also. I have worked a lot with many of these equipment products and even use them still in Dragracing doings still yet and also Motorcycles. I don't use their Head gaskets I make my own from other products and found out they can be re-useable too.
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Thank you for the feed back, it's appreciated. I've yet to invest in some vernier callipers LongBike, but they are on the list of things to get for the tool box.
On the subject of 7C43 hands, I love the Dagaz hand sets, but as you stated pollyc, the holes are different. Just want a subtle change to look at when I'm telling the time, not even a change in lume colour.

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i would not skimp on quality parts..for the price difference it is just not worth it...harold has some of the nicest stuff out there for aftermarket stuff...
It isn't the skimping, I have gasket sets for engines, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, which work in extreme environments, and a lot cheaper and the quality is amazing, but none of mine fit, so was wanting to know if there was another alternative from the industrial sector. A case back seal from an unknown seller on the bay, isn't something I'd trust, but a seal used by Cat, Case, Cummins or another manufacturer I would. It just seems to me, because the name Seiko is attached to a rubber seal, the price almost quadruples, sometimes even more, makes me angry.
On a different note, how would I be able to contact Harold, if the need ever arose?

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hey i agree any high quality gasket from those companies should work fine if they are the same...i just see inferior stuff all over and would hate to go thru all the work and have a seal or gasket fail...sent you contact info too
It just seems to me, because the name Seiko is attached to a rubber seal, the price almost quadruples, sometimes even more, makes me angry.
Slightly OT, but if you think Seiko is bad, don't ever buy a Rolex. A crown that costs 90c to manufacture costs $250 AUD. No joke.
The bigger problem is that Rolex, Omega et al won't sell parts to watchmakers here in Australia. They are squeezing the watchmakers out of business and cornering the market in servicing.
This is one of several reasons why I have lost all interest in the big Swiss brands.
Do Rolex still make gaskets for their vintage watches? Wish Seiko still made parts for theirs, obviously this would detract from the value, and fun of restoring them, and Seiko just couldn't sustain such a feat. I know where your coming from, but buying from any dealership is pricey, it's the aftermarket gasket price I disagree with, not knowing the quality of them.

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