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G-Shock Resin Rot?

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Hey does anyone have any tips on preventing this? I know it's happened before they changed some of the formula. Just trying to keep my gw-5000-1jf mint as I can!
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I have had several crumble on me. Not sure why but it could have something to being exposed to noxious gases as in paints and thinners etc.
Be aware that DEET based insect repellant used on skin can 'eat' away at those type of cases..
Not sure exactly on the GW-5000, but my GW-5000B has a much softer and more supple strap and case compared to the more traditional style G-Shocks.

It feels like there is almost some kind of part silicon make up to the material. I do not think that this would were and rot in the same way as older models.
The usual UV rays, chemicals, sweat / acid, are all harmful to the rubber compound, to some degree to another.

I wouldn't worry about it too much, just rinse with water, clean it with mild soap once at a while. you will be fine :)

if you are worried, then get a spare strap and bezel. it will last for very long time.
I wonder if vasoline or a sillicon jelly would help keep it from going brittle. There is a g shock forum I will ask on. I got this little beauty yesterday that has some signs of an aging band.
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I have never had that happen. But I wear mine pretty lightly.

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You can't prevent it entirely. It's the nature of plastic to rot over time, if my memory from plastics class in college serves me correctly...been awhile.

The carbon molecules in the plastic start to "cross link" over time, which causes the material to become brittle and "rot."

As others have said, best thing to increase longevity is store your Gs out from direct sunlight for long periods of time when not wearing them as UV rays cause cross linking in plastics. And do your best to not expose them to chemicals and deet insect repellent.

You will eventually have to replace your strap and case at some point in the future. It can't be avoided. Luckily though, swapping the outer resin case and straps on Gs is easy prays.
I've noticed a lot of guys claim silicone seems to work but mine has a steel case under the resin anyway.
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