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G-Shock GW5000-1JF arrived

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Hey guys, no wrist pics yet...but I'll try to have some up soon. It's flawless, honestly the nicest G-shock I ever bought. The metal case and screw on case back makes the watch feel almost indestructible.

I bought this to be my daily wearer and pretty much my main for a while. Well worth the $283.
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Very nice pick up, a bomb proof watch. I took out the the bezel off and put a screen protector on it make it even more tough.
The metal screw back Casio's worth every $ ;)
Nice pick-up, I have the the GW-5000B-1JR and it is very comfortable with the DLC screw down back and classic looks.

Please share some photos when you get a chance.
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Anterograde: does anyone sell those screen protectors online? I definitely want one.
Looks great

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Anterograde: does anyone sell those screen protectors online? I definitely want one.
Do you mean Bull Bars ?


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Congrats on the watch. GW5000 is definitely one of the nicest G-Shock out there.

The bezel and strap rubber is nicely upgraded from your regular G-Shock from Walmart. The GW5000 wears very comfortable on the wrist. And it has all the features you really need, nothing you don't. ;-)

I don't like the idea of those plastic screen protector, like the ones you put on your cell phone. The G-shock in designed to go under water, and the water will eventually gets between the plastic screen protector, may ruin the protector, or the screen. I don't know.

Wear it! Its a tough watch and it can take a few nicks. :)
Do you mean Bull Bars ?

I meant a screen protector like on a cell phone for the LCD. Sorry
The screen protector is from any of this for the phone,like zagg, just cut it out to octagon shape of the screen then apply, I saw a post somewhere in the forums who did the same, not sure where it is. I just want to be worry free for a scratch at the screen
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