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I have had Casio G-shocks for years, but I have yet put any significant mark on a crystal. The crystal itself is usually well protected by the bezel. I have put plenty of marks on the bezel and strap though.

The DW5000/5600 style watch is not huge nor thick, it should stay fairly close to your wrist.

If you like the DW5000 style, but want sapphire crystal. You do have one and only one choice. Casio released an anniversary version of the GW5000 (solar atomic with screw down caseback) with sapphire crystal and titanium core case (still have resin bezel and strap). That's the only one that I know of which has a sapphire crystal and they should be fetching for over $2k now I would imagine. For the life of my I can't remember the model for it right now.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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