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G-Shock DW5000-1JF

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Anyone own one them?

I never have been a big fan of G-shocks but I guess this is the ultimate classic looking one. I wish it had a sapphire crystal though. $328 is pushing it a bit but I understand the tech and the caseback are why.

Are the g-shock crystals fairly scratch resistant?
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I don't have any experience with the DW5000, but I've had a DW6600 since the mid-90s. Honestly, until you'd posed the question, I'd never even considered the scratch resistance of the crystal on that watch (like I do with my more traditional analog watches). Part of the reason is that the "ridge" around the crystal (shall we call it a bezel?) is so deep, and the crystal is so recessed, that it is very well protected. 15+ years as a beater/yard-work/hiking/field-work watch and the crystal is still just fine. Now the case on the other hand... Hope this helps!
I have had Casio G-shocks for years, but I have yet put any significant mark on a crystal. The crystal itself is usually well protected by the bezel. I have put plenty of marks on the bezel and strap though.

The DW5000/5600 style watch is not huge nor thick, it should stay fairly close to your wrist.

If you like the DW5000 style, but want sapphire crystal. You do have one and only one choice. Casio released an anniversary version of the GW5000 (solar atomic with screw down caseback) with sapphire crystal and titanium core case (still have resin bezel and strap). That's the only one that I know of which has a sapphire crystal and they should be fetching for over $2k now I would imagine. For the life of my I can't remember the model for it right now.

Owned that one since new in '91. Been telling everyone '92 but found the receipt the other day.

Only changed the original battery in Jan 2013. It was lost for a year in my garden and had lost a few seconds when I was found the next year. It's been on my wrist while I was a mechanic and welding. I dive with it all the time. It's been in oil, paint thinners and other horrible substances. Never skipped a beat.
As for scratch resistant crystal? I decided to remove a couple of small scratches it has got over the 20+ years. I got my kit that I do the 6139-6000 Hardex crystals with. I started with the 400 grit disc on my grinder and happily ground away for 10 minutes then I notice the scratches were not going! I wiped the dial and it's unmarked by the grinding disc! These are true Sappire crystals and can only be polished with diamond powder based polish I am guessing.

To show a customer how strong it is (been run over by heavy vehicles on purpose too) I kept throwing it at a brick wall the other day. He laughed his head off and couldn't believe it just kept going. That's a 23 year old watch I am chucking at full strength at a brick wall and it just keeps going... These things are harder than Chuck Norris with his balls in a vice! Amazing bits of kit.... the G-Shock not Chucks balls.
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Yes, the G-shock stainless steel case are bullet proof watches.
Yes, the G-shock stainless steel case are bullet proof watches.
A watch for life it seems :) Surprised how much a nice one costs now :eek:hmy: Still when they last this long I reckon they are worth every penny :D
Nice watches - I've had about 4 of them and to be honest it's hard to find fault (aside from the additional cost over, say, a 5600). Never had a problem with scratched crystals and certainly wouldn't consider the kind f premium for one mentioned above.
I'm amiably interested in the DLC screw case back model, looks pretty minimal too which I like.
As a Seiko guy who keeps one G-Shock in the collection I'd say go for the GW5000. It oozes quality and it's discreet. It may be overpriced, but it's definitely a cool watch. Price is one thing, value is subjective.
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