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Fun with two new 6139 movements, but I've hit a snag

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Hey all,so, good times. Thanks to a buddy over at PMWF and a lucky "Buy It Now" on eBay, I have a complete 6139 and another 6139 movement, and it's just possible that between them I could have a working 2nd example. The movement that my buddy very kindly gave to me arrived working - the one that came in the eBay watch was totally DOA. Looks good, but that's it. Case is workable, other functions are OK etc, but that balance just sits there. Anyway, that's not the issue.In both movements, the stems do not snap into place - they slide in and out, but don't catch. It seems that in both the button is stuck down. They did when I first got them both, but once I removed the stems again, they wouldn't seat into place anymore. Anyone have an idea about what may be going on, and how to fix it without taking the movement apart?
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It appears that if too much pressure is used to depress the stem release button it sticks in the release position. I've had this problem more then once and was able to insert a pin into the stem hole and pop the button back up into the stem lock position.
You're Welcome! Glad you were successful. Be sure to show some photo's once your project is completed.

Whoops........haven't had my second cup of coffee yet this morning and just saw your post with photos..........
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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