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Here's one of the latest restorations I've done in my watch shop.
This is a Seiko Watch 6M13-0010 Age Of Discovery Perpetual Calendar.

It was completely restored, I attach a picture of how it was before I started the restoration.
The case was re-plated in gold, the watch crystal was replaced and the dial legs were re-soldered. In addition, all the pushers, gaskets and crown were replaced.
Subsequently, the movement was completely overhauled and after polishing the back cover, an original Seiko leather strap was fitted.
And this was the final result. A very funny work and that has brought me a lot of joy remembering old times since this watch was made at the beginning of the 90s.





And this is the condition of the watch before I started the transformation/restoration.


Thanks for watching ;)

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Love these more for the strange functionality and dancing hands rather than the looks. But you have done an excellent work on this watch.

Can you run through the preparation for Gold plating?
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