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Hi all.
This may either be caused by an impending life change (marriage at the old age of 42) or just a big bang way of thinning the herd in one big blow.
Up for trade are four NO EXCUSES NOS watches… for a 1960s ( my birth decade) Rolex 5513 in good condition or a Tudor Sub from the same era in great condition. Ive been doing my homework in researching the prices of both the Rolexs and Tudors so I feel this is a good offer but talk to me if you have any suggestions.
Not looking to sell just yet.
So what are the watches?
A 7549 600 meter Golden Tuna, a 7016, a 7t59, and a 7A28.
Except for the 600 meter, the story of the watches is quite interesting. Around the same time I became a member of the SCWF I found an old jewelry store in Manila that has a few watches on display. I asked if they had any old Seiko’s and they said they might have a few in the back. What came out were about a dozen small red boxes that Seiko used to sell their watches in.
Inside the boxes were the watches up for trade.
The 600 meter is another story which I think I’ve posted recently but will tell again ( it’s a good story). The golden tuna was a compromise deal between myself and Seiko Philippines. The were repairing my 6159 when while pressing the crystal in something happened and the dial got scratched. Of course they had no extra dials so they went looking in their warehouse for a possible replacement and came up with the golden tuna which I promptly purchased. Unfortunately the tunas strap had melted and they had thrown out (eep) the buckle along with the strap.
So heres the rundown.
· All Watches are NOS.
· All watches have never been worn ( except for the 600m which I wore once to a dinner party)
· The 600meter dates from 1975 and ill supply a seiko strap with a gold buckle.
· The 7016 has the original rally strap that is about 90% and will have to be treated gently. Seiko buckle is original. It still has the original JWC inspection sticker on back.
· 7A28 has roman numerals and an interestingly domed plastic crystal. Will come on aftermarket Seiko strap.
· 7T59 is a white dialed version and just about perfect.
· If needed and if the value is right Im willing to add another NOS 6139-7002 ( protective sticker still on back) watch to the deal.
I will send super detailed macro pictures to anyone interested and would like to expect the same.
Since this is a trust game here are some things about me:
· I haven’t bought much form the SCTF but I have a few acquaintances who I’ve chatted with over the years. There are also people who are from the Philippines who can vouch for me. Please feel free to post my name on the main forum to get any comments about me.
· My Ebay name is jaimegarch and my rating is 100%. Again I haven’t bought much of anything except watches.
· For those who like Googling people to see who they really are my full name is jaime garchitorena. If you have to buy the seller and not the watch that’s about as detailed as you can get about my life.
· My intent with this proposed trade is to make sure all the parties are happy especially since well be trading what may be the equivalent of cherished possessions or valuable memories so Ill say right out that any reasonable requests for info, macro pictures, and even the miniscule flaws that the watches may have can be asked or discussed. The picture uploaded is just a proof of life since the story abt NOS pieces is fodder for urban legend.
· I live in the Philippines but I have a legitimate physical address in California.
Im hoping for the same kind of transparency with any offers for trade.
On a personal note: I suppose I could have just sold the watches and bought a 5513 for myself but I really feel the SCWF is the only place ( outside of a Seiko Museum) where people really enjoy Seiko watches and value them for both their technical and historical excellence but as a true peoples watch as well. If my watches were to go anywhere Id prefer them to go to someone here.
I prefer being contacted by email jaimegarch at y a h o o dot c o m. Hope we can do a trade to everyones satisfaction.
So that’s it!
Good weekend to all!



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