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I'd like to trade these 3 Seiko Bellmatics and the bracelet.

White 4006-6031

I got this watch a couple years ago as part of a group of other items, including the bracelet from this post and a broken coffin link bracelet that I sold to a forum member. I never wore this watch and I didn't invest into a service.
The dial is not in a perfect shape. It has some scratches. The biggest one is just above the 9 hour marker. It also has some color changes and spots.
The case is in a well-used shape, with some scratches and smaller marks. Someone unskillfully engraved DEKI in the lug area. It seems to me that finishing is original, but please refer to images for more information.
The crystal is in fine shape, although it also has some small scratches and dirt around the edge. It's interesting (to me) that this crystal has oval shape, while other two are trapezoid. It could be that this one is original, but I can't confirm that.
The service history is unknown. I wore the watch for a few days and it keeps inconsistent time. Sometimes it's a few seconds late. Sometimes a minute. The crown action seems... Kind of sticky. It definitely requires service. The alarm works fine and the date and day works correctly.

Blue 4006-6031

I got this watch a 3.5 years ago from a local watch maker, who also serviced the watch. I wore it a lot for a while, until I got a few more watches.
The dial is in a great shape. Deep blue with sunburst effect. There are no scratches or color changes. All markers and hands are in a good shape, too. The date wheel is in German.
The case was re-polished by the watchmaker. I though he did a good job, but as I learned more about these watches, I appreciate his work less. Since I did wear this watch, it does have some smaller scratches around the case.
The crystal is a replacement of unknown origin. It has some small scratches and it has one bigger scratch on the edge, near the 7 hour marker.
As I said, the movement was serviced 3.5 - 4 years ago. It keeps consistent time, being 20-25 seconds late a day. The crown action seems not that solid. The hands are very easy to move. The alarm works fine and the date and day works correctly.
There's a strap on these images. I kept it to try out the watch and to distinguish it more easily from the white one. But the strap is unusable and it needs to be replaced.


I got this watch for parts around 2-3 years ago. The images were awful and the seller stated that the alarm doesn't work. However, when the watch arrived, I noticed that it only has incorrect crystal that prevents the alarm ring from turning. Otherwise, the watch was in a pretty good shape.
I got it serviced and replaced the crystal. It's certainly the best shape watch in this post.
The dial is a great shape. Gray with kind of linen effect. The markers and the hands are in a great shape, too.
The case is in a good shape, although it does have some scratches and smaller marks. I believe that the finishing is original, with radial finishing at the top and polished sides. Please refer to images for more information.
The crystal a Sternkreuz replacement that was fitted when the watch was serviced. It has some very small marks, but it's in a very good shape.
The movement was serviced when I got the watch and it keeps very good time. The crown action seems solid. The alarm, date and day all work correctly.
The strap is not used much, but the top layer was scratched-off because the watch has very short lugs.

The Bracelet

As I said, I got this bracelet together with the white Bellmatic from this post. However the bracelet doesn't fit this watch. I believe it came on a 4006-6021 and maybe some other Seikos, too. It fits 18mm lugs. It's around 16cm long.

Please let me know if you have any questions about any of these items.

I would like to trade these together. I'm looking for a complete, all-original watch, in a good condition, without significant investment. A standard service and a crystal replacement are OK, of course. My preference:

  • A watch from 1986. A 7c43 diver comes to my mind. But, I would also trade these for other Seikos and other brands, too. It's important that it's from 1986 and that it's interesting to me.
  • A mechanical Seiko chronograph. I don't really have a preference, but it needs to have standard 18-20mm lugs.
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