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On the off chance that someone on the forum might like to add a "different" wrist watch to their collection, here's a Sony transistor radio from 1960.
The movement is actually a 6602B, slightly modified by reducing the jewel count. The bezel turns and has a little red triangle similar to some Belles which sets the alarm time. Provided the watch is wound and the radio is tuned to your favorite C/W station with the volume up, you can be awakened to "Home on the Range" (or worse
:D ).

It is in excellent condition - no cracks, chips or repairs. The watch keeps time to within a minute a day or better (I haven't tried to regulate it) and the radio picks up many stations.

I'll consider any Seiko of similar value in trade. Email with any questions and I'll do my best to answer them.

Cheers! Hamish.
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