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1.NIB Samurai hands for PMMM mod - SOLD
2. MINT original SKX007/171/173 set of hands (+ a set of aftermarket hands, can't tell anymore which are which) - 25USD
NOTE: The dial and the hands are 100% ORIGINAL and taken off from a new SKX173 because I modded the watch later)
3. Sawtooth SHC061 original extra bracelet link - 15USD
4. 6309-729A caseback used - 15USD
5. Mint SKX173 original Singapore dial - 30USD
6. 6309-7040 used dial, engravings - 15USD
7. Custom made genuine leather Diaboliq strap for a Ceasar (extra quality, thick) - 40USD

Willing to trade some of the parts for Soxa hands and bezel or Anvil or Hammer bracelet 20mm for a bullhead.

Paypal, shipping from Croatia. Prices are without the shipping cost because the cost vary but it is somewhere btw 10-20USD. Buyer pays pp fees because here in Croatia we cannot receive gifts.



1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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