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I've had this case for a while and don't have the desire to complete it anymore....
It is a good complete case that has a crown, stem, caseback, bezel and crystal all in good condition.
It was purchased as a complete watch but turns out it had bits and pieces of movements to complete it... An eBay special.

The crystal has a few faint scratches in the center and is likely aftermarket. The bezel turns freely and clicks but has a bit of ware.

The case is free of any noticeable dings and has been polished.

I have an altered 7009 movement ready to run but need new dial and hands to complete.
I've no desire for the watch and figure it may suit someone else's project.
Looking for a serviced 6309 with stem at 4 o'clock.

Other watches that I'm considering selling soon are:
Seiko Gold Sea Lion M88. 616-8030 original band. (Waterproof)
Seiko 6119-8160 Waterproof marked caseback large dial. original band.
Seiko 7009-5860- white dial square. Original band
Seiko 7005-8160 silver dial original band.
All are working well and keeping time with original bands.

Open to offers or trades considered- kinetic divers/ gmt or large vintage sport diver.
Or money via Paypal.
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