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Up for grabs is a 6139-6005 parts watch for anyone looking for a donor watch.

What's included:

-Unpolished case
-fairly decent original Bezel
- 2 x original pushers (1 missing spring)
-original straight H link bracelet but clasp is damaged.
-inner rotating ring
-movement spacer with flat spring
-Crystal gasket and ring
-original 6139-6005 T dial
-Caseback to match dial date.

Parts missing in this watch setup is :

- both chrono sweep hands and H/M handset.

- crown piece

-This had a perfect movement from another 6139 until an accident broke the chrono wheel tip off.


I'll throw in some extra freebies.

What I'm looking to trade for:

-original bezel and insert for 6309-704x or close match.
-original 6309 handset, relumed is fine aslong as the lume looks good and doesn't glow too bright.
Unpolished 6309-704x cushion case

Or make me an offer $165 shipped.

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