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[ SOLD thanks scwf and buyer ]

Hi all I listed this on the bay on Sunday and it sold immediately,however I thought I'd just give it the once over before I posted it and then realised that the screw down collars on the chrono buttons no longer screw down to a positive stop ,they rotate freely and do stop the chrono buttons being depressed but as i say they won't lock down.

I'm asking £50 +postage but if you have something to trade that you think I might be interested in please PM me

Other than the chrono button issue the watch is in great shape and all functions work as they should.

Here's a few pics

I've brushed the centre links on the bracelet.

Ps, I'd loaned the watch to my brother in law for a couple of days whilst his was being repaired, he's obviously a bit heavy handed :banghead: I'm gonna whoop his ass:grin:
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