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FSOT: Aquastar Benthos 500 Diver

Background about the brand and watch model:

Aquastar was formed in 1962 by Frédéric Robert. The company originally specialized in diving watches, as well as other equipment for diving such as compasses, temperature and pressure gauges. The first Aquastar diving watch, which this post will focus on, was called the “Benthos 500”. The source of the name of the watch was from the Greek word for the “bottom of the sea” and the depth rating for the watch, which was 500 meters. The depth rating for the Benthos 500 was quite significant at the time of its release, as it was the first diving watch to be pressure tested to a rating of 500 meters. This was accomplished through the utilization of rounded o-rings as opposed to the traditional flat o-rings that had been previously utilized. This was patented by Aquastar and helped to significantly improve the water resistance of the watch. Below are a few period advertisements from the brand, which include the Benthos:

The Benthos 500 model was produced between 1962 and 1972.

Information about this specific watch:

The photos below are of the model that I have for sale, which had its case recently restored by ABC WatchWerks and its movement serviced by International Watch Works. The movement service comes with a one year warranty, which ends in April 2016.

The condition of the watch is excellent, given its age. The watch is all original and has a nice light blue bezel, which has some marks and dings from years of use. The watch case is in excellent shape, with some very small marks from 40-50 years of use...but they are either extremely small or on the caseback. The dial has a few spots from age and the chapter ring has a couple of marks on it. I took some good photos below and tried to be critical as possible to show the flaws of the watch.

I am selling on a vintage rubber strap shown in the photos. It was made by IsoFrane in the OEM Aquastar style, but it isn't the OEM Aquastar strap (hopefully that make sense)! It is as thin as a vintage IsoFrane and very supple.

I am selling the watch for $2,475 shipped, in CONUS only. I accept PayPal (+3%), ChasePay (no Fees) or Bank Wire (no Fees). If I have not dealt with you in the past, you must provide references of past sales or purchases. If not, I will only accept Bank Wires.

I will accept certain trades (MM300 + cash), (Breitling Sea Avenger + Cash), Heuer Autavia models, (Other interesting trades, but all trades down).

The watch comes from a smoke free, pet free home. I have multiple sales and purchase on multiple forums, if you want references, please ask.

Thanks for looking!
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