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I bought (6) of these for me and some buddies at work (Quantico, VA). They cost $14.95 each, shipping not included, and it took over a month for them to get in. We decided to go with something else while the straps were in shipment. My buddies have since departed to the far corners of the world hunting for terrorists, I have taken a liking to flat Z22s, I am keeing one strap for my Tuna, and I am now stuck with these (5) cool, brand new straps.

Some details:
- All (5) have the "Waterborne Austrailia" patch stitched into them.
- (2) are black, with black hardware
- (2) are black, with polished hardware
- (1) is desert tan, with polished hardware
- These are of thinner material than Maratac straps, making them more breathable and less chafing.
- These straps are 1" wide, making them comfortably snug, as you can see on my 22mm Tuna.

That's all the pertinent info I can think of right now. You can probably google these. Asking $13 shipped, paypal, and CONUS. Email me at [email protected] for availability and my paypal info. Note that I will undate this thread as they get sold off one by one.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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