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More pictures available—just ask!

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6619-8290 Sportsmatic 5 - $125
Sort of has a steel Omega Constellation vibe. Non-quick set date. Radial finishing on the top surface of the case looks good; lacquered silver, crosshair dial is nice with a little patina around the edges. Definitely a daily wearer in its day, because the caseback is really smooth, but you can make out the serial and model information. Keeps pretty good time, but the power reserve isn’t very long.

Dark Blue 6309-836A Sports 5 - $225
Great sport watch with Pepsi dive bezel. A couple minor scratches on the glass, but hardly noticeable. Perhaps the coolest blue dial I’ve ever seen in a very dark blue, north-south grain. Keeps excellent time with a good power reserve, and it has a Roman day wheel.

4006-7028 Bell-Matic - $160 SOLD
This is a North American Bell. Definitely a daily-wearer in its heyday. The case has lots of marks, but I had the crystal replaced, so I think it looks pretty good. Great power reserve, good accuracy, semi-quick set works perfectly, and the alarm works flawlessly. Band NOT included.

7625-8230 Sportsmatic - $75 SOLD
I bought this because I briefly entertained the idea of tackling a 6217-8000 restoration, and this has the right hands. Abandoned that idea, so it’s up for grabs. Cool, radial, dark gray, crosshair dial. Hands are in good shape, but relume is pretty sloppy. Sounds pretty jangly in there, but seems to work pretty well … but I don’t wear it, so I can’t comment on that. Band NOT included.

6106-8237 Bright Blue 70 Resist - $165 SOLD
This handsome little piece is in good shape, with a fresh crystal and running strong. Keeps great time with a good power reserve. Bracelet is sized at 7.5, and there’s one more link available, so I think it’s full-length.

7006-7079 Gold Linen “Denise” - $25 SOLD
Nothing special here—it’s a survivor that runs well, but has been well-loved. Use it for parts, a beater gold watch, or whatever. Has an inscription on the back: “With Love Denise.” Awww …

2205-0050 Ladies silver dial with original bracelet - $40 SOLD
2205-0240 Ladies ice blue crosshair dial with stretch bracelet - $30
These work well; both quickset mechanisms are good, and they seem to keep good time. My wife would rather wear my Pogue or Panda than these. I don’t blame her. But they’re nice for a lady that might want something small.
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