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I bought these some time ago with good intentions but...............never happened so now for sale and your chance to smarten up your watch.

There is also a good chance that these fit other models i havent mentioned.

All prices include postage in the UK, payment by paypal gift, I will ship WW but postage would be higher, pm/email if you need to know more, thanks.

Price £40 each=First up is Black bezel # 83338929 fits 6119-8450/8460 (I have two of these)

Price £40 each= Blue bezel #83338927 fits 6106-8569 (I have two of these).

Price £40 each=Green bezel # 83338926 fits 6106-8569 (i have two of these).

Price £40= Black bezel #83368947 fits 6119-8480.

Price £25= Black bezel #8601971 fits unknown model.
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