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I picked these up for projects that never got off the ground, so perhaps you have a 4006-602x style Belle that needs a dial that looks factory fresh. Examine the photos carefully (including "zoom" on photobucket) and you will see that these dials have never been used. Paypal or Money Order please. Send questions to [email protected]

-6041 T charcoal dial
$30.00 shipped USA ($35.00 int'l)

-6051 T "electric" blue dial A really exceptional dial for the 4006-602x Bell-matic.
$40.00 shipped USA ($45.00 int'l)

The identifiers on these dials indicates they are for the 4006-602x case style, according to SEIKO Casing Guides and transcribed in this JPG: and Dials/slides/Cases and Dials -600x -604x.jpg
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