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I have just finished my April "batch" and as normal I did an extra which I often keep for myself but this time I am offering it up for sale on the SCWF, please note if still available after a day it will be moved to eBay.

The new shroud is made of 316 stainless and will also fit the 7549-7010 Tuna as it is a very near copy of it.

The case is/was a 7548 and the sealing faces and crown tube are good, click ball missing but i will include one if you want one (1.00mm ball bearing).

Links to follow if you don't know what a TST is.,46335.0.html,47146.0.html

Email/pm me if you have any interest, apart from money which is very nice I am looking for a good 62mas dial and also a 6105 "Proof" dial which must be VERY good, thanks.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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