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FS: Torx head Tuna shroud screws - $25 (shipped) for a set of 3

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FS: Torx head Tuna shroud screws - $25 (shipped) for a set of 3

For sale are Torx head shroud screws to fit Seiko 'Tuna can' watches - 7549-7010, SBBN007, SBBN017 etc.

These are in A2 (18-8) grade Stainless Steel and the head takes a Torx T8 wrench.

As delivered to me the screws are very utilitarian-looking and the heads are slightly too big to fit the shroud so I;
• Turn-down the head diameter to fit the shroud
• Re-profile the front of the screw to make a more attractive shape
• Polish the screws to a highly-polished finish.
The Torx head provides great stripping-resistance and also looks unusual and cool as you can see on the pic of my modded 7549 ;) .

Even though I spend a fair amount of time shaping and polishing each screw, I think these are still cheaper than the regular Seiko-supplied spare screws.

Price is $25 per set of 3 - shipped (from the UK) by Airmail worldwide - payment by PayPal - any questions, or for my details - please email [email protected] (please remove the NOSPAM).

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