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Here i have for sale three prototype/seconds TST "Big Crowns", i recently did a VERY small run of these TST crowns and these three are the first ones i produced when i was trying various sizes and methods etc.

Check the pictures and you will notice that on the ends there is a "hole" were i hadent quite got the sizes correct.

The procedure to produce these is that i turn a OEM crown down in size and fit the case/extension over it to produce the "Big" crown, with these three i hadent quite got the size right hence the "hole".

Note the hole is cosmetic and dose not affect the water proof or operation of the crown, the "hole" could be filled with silver solder/JB weld or the likes.

These are VERY labour intensive and time consuming to produce so i doubt i will be doing anymore very soon.

Note this is only is only for the "Big" crown you would have to use your own diver stem/spring/washer before use.

Numbers 2, 3, 5

#2 and #3 SOLD

£25 each shipped in the UK, Paypal gift, thanks.

Just in case you don't understand the term "second" it means not first rate but second rate.

The case and shroud obviously not included this price is just for the TST Big crown :)

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