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(All SOLD) Swedefreak East Tech Fishbone bracelets for Seiko 6138 & 6139 $35 usd

Up for consideration and straight from the late Jonathan Koch's estate

Swedefreak's East Tech Fishbone Bracelet

For those of you who are not aware of these bracelets, Jonathan "Swedefreak" Koch reproduced the Seiko "Fishbone" bracelets that were common on most Seiko 6138 Bullhead chronographs and also the 6139-70xx "helmet" chronographs of the 1970's.

Jonathan's reproduction is vastly superior in construction as it offers solid links, a true Stelux styled clasp and are extremely comfortable when wearing.

After Jon's untimely passing I have been working with his family to move some of the remaining watch parts/invetory.

These are the very last of Swedefreak's inventory, when these are sold there will not be anymore available....Ever.

The "Fishbone" was sold on several Seiko models in the early '70s, most notably the 6138 "Bullhead" and 6139 "Helmet"/"Darth Vader"/"Bobby Deerfield". Its end tubes are 20mm and are such that they can be easily shortened to fit 19mm or 18mm lug ends and can also be adapted to other cases in conjunction with my exclusive end pieces. This bracelet is made in 316L stainless steel to original specs with the exception of the hidden internal connecting pins which are slightly thicker to reduce wear and stretch. 7 1/8 inches long with four removable links. Sold with premium quality s/s spring bars.

*** Have ( 0 ) Fishbone bracelet available***

These are brand new in the wrapper and include a set of 20mm springbars

Price is $35 usd shipped within ConUS. *** All bracelets have been SOLD***

International shipping is available for an additional cost to the buyer.

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