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TAPESTRY of TIME's cool "Homage" article got me all worked up for a FF homage.

See "borrowed" photo from Tapestry of Time's article:

This project has been sitting on the shelf for over a year now.. time to admit I've lost interest. Selling the SNZH57 I bought new, worn half a dozen times.

AND... the Fifty Five Fathom dial, Fifty Five Fathom caseback, and back side AR coated Domed Sapphire crystal purchased for the project.

Find your best cost for the Seiko, add $45 for the Yobokies dial, $45 for the caseback, & $48 for the coated crystal. That's what I have invested so far.

$210 PayPalled, or $200 "sent to friends or family" gets it shipped USPS Priority. ConUS only please.

TIA for your interest,
Danny S

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