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Selling here a nice, all original and hard to find JDM sports diver from March 1970. This is the 7019-6030.

I purchased this originally back in 2010 with a non functioning inner bezel and a scratched crystal. I sourced NOS parts to replace the stem, gear and spring for the rotating inner bezel (operated by the crown) and a NOS crystal (330W16GN) which also fits many other period sports divers from this era. Dial and hands are all original, some minor signs of aging but nice clean print and overall it looks great. Inner bezel rotates (perhaps a little freely), and is also in good shape as well. Quickset for the date works by pressing the crown and this is functional, day is non quickset. Original Kanji day wheel is slightly out of center in the window (see pictures). Case has normal signs of use but is by no means abused. I do not believe I did anything to this beyond a very basic cleanup so it is not polished smooth, case lines are nice and it looks like it should. Movement looks clean, and there is no rot on the case at all under the caseback.

When I got the watch I wore it a few times, and looking back at some old forum posts from 2010 it seems it was running at around +40 seconds a day, not awesome, but not terrible for a 45 year old watch!
For the sake of full disclosure, I did sell this watch about 3 years ago, but the buyer complained that the movement rattled a little in the watch and chose to return it. No problem, apparently the movement holder was wrong so I sourced another and now there is no play. I mention all this for the sake of disclosure.

I make no warranties as to its time keeping abilities or reserve, I personally haven't worn the watch in over 4 years.

Asking $85 shipped in the US.

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